09 octubre, 2014

I have not forgotten about this blog, I am just very busy. But some things may come eventually, as well as a revamp of the layout.

Take care!

31 enero, 2014

Biker dwarves

Hello everyone!
I am sorry I have not been updating lately (I also need to fix the blog's looks a little).
On one side, I am very busy with many things, but also, regretfully, my body still won’t let me do anything close to proper drawing; so I am mostly doodling and "concepting", and I find it looks rather silly to only share those.
But I was speaking to Dwalin the other night and, I don’t know how, the thing ended with the decision that our whole Company needed to get leather jackets (I recall making an early edict about suits, and then call us all Thorin’s Thirteen). Then Grimma asked if we were making a biker gang and… Well. Then Dwalin made me #majestic sunglasses for my avatar.
So at some point, yesterday, while doing my research, this appeared at the side of a page.

Fundin bros.

ponytails are cool
They come with a bit of a story that you can find in my tumblr. Surprisingly my brain has put a lot of effort on this while I was not paying attention...
The drawing was just a simple fast way of translating the concept with no other pretention.
I pictured Dwalin as being one of this mature bikers with wind-burnt skin and full of tattoos. In fact, under the spiky jacket, he only wears a leather vest to show as much of his skin as he can. He would wear a bandana (matching with his brother), to protect his bald head and every accesorisable item will have spikes and skulls.
Balin, who showed up as a surprise while I was trying to upgrade the spikiness of Dwalin and fit some fur on Thorin’s jacket on a second sketch, would be like the missing member of ZZ Top. All of them will have shades, but I only tried fitting Thorin’s because Dwalin gave them to me.
Thorin needs to be impressive in a way that he still feels impacting after having 12 bikers stepping in your house. So I decided that his outfit should be minimal and more elegant as a whole, as a contrast with the rest of the company: all black and royal blue, a little fur and very efficient. And he MUST wear a ponytail.
Until next time,
☄ Leticia

18 noviembre, 2013

i wouldn't go in there

Do you remember I mentioned some of my work was to be used on a National Geographic's TV special on Asian mysteries and that I would share a few screencaps of it? Here you go

title card
yūrei (幽霊)
(this is my version of it, the one at the show is slightly different)


It is really interesting, I recommed it.

Until next time,

☄ Leticia

07 noviembre, 2013

I see fire

This is a fast sketch I did today in an attempt to get “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack) out of my system. It has been playing non-stop in my head since I listened at it for the first time yesterday, and it has kept me from thinking about anything else but on how beautiful it is.

Durin’s lion

I have the personal headcanon that Fili is the one singing that song.
It is not a song for Thorin. It is too… quiet and thoughtful for Kili. And it is too young and tender in its awe about the pain and the beauty that reach beyond us to belong to any of the other dwarves, yet fierce with loyalty and devotion. I find this song to be subtle, like a narration of unspoken thoughts and feelings after which is worth to make life choices but that remain unspoken.

14 octubre, 2013

She is my cherry pie!

I am his cherry pie!
Here come the mentioned doodles of our Supernatural boys (and Jeff). I hope you enjoy them.

Cas, Sam and Dean walking into Night Vale after an alarmed call from Carlos after the whole Strex Corp incident

it was fun to draw this one

Hi, this is angel Jeff, he lives with Jossie and likes th sweaters she makes him. He is not hoping to become famous like the Tractor Angel, but he is still happy to see you
 Many blessings!

Stex Corp
I mean,
☆ Leticia

29 septiembre, 2013

That sigil

If you have been linked here you already know what this is about.

 what Sam is holding is a creepy drawing of an eye
with some whirly things coming out of it and three dots under one of the sides.
I hope you are enjoying the reading!
☆ Leticia