27 diciembre, 2008

The Black Hen Rider

Fake page of the book “The Goblins of the Labyrinth”
by Brian Froud and Terry Jones, portraying a goblin of my own (me as a goblin in fact, I drew it in answer to a “DA meme’s question). The text is full of freak official references about the goblin universe for proper integration’s sake (coherence is fun!), so you might enjoy it if you are a Henson/Froud freak.

This is one of those occasions on which I’m really sorry about the watermark.

The lineart was made with pencil and the colouring with Photshop 7 as practice of fake watercolour.

- Disclaimer & copyright:

Art and character © me
Character’s concept and design © me
Milk-Goblin © Silent-Lands
The Labyrinth, it's concepts and references © Henson and Froud
Labyrinth Worm © Henson and Froud.


15 diciembre, 2008

The one who walks through

A little inking job I finished last year I just came across (the actual picture and the first part of the inking are from 2 years and something ago).
Not the most brilliant one but I liked how the general composition came out. In fact this is an inking practice I did with some new ultra thin pens on an early concept of this character of mine. I don’t really like inking with pens (I’d rather work with brushes there) because I’m never able to make them work as I’d like; maybe it’s because I’m lefty, I know a few lefties with the same problem. But, which better way to tame your inking pressure m4d sk1llz than drawing a thousand lines?

I also think that the process of simplification from the original sketch is interesting, so I’m posting it too (I tend to like my sketches more than my finished jobs because they hold an open potential I find very appealing).


EDIT: I've been told that this is very XXX-Holic like. However, the actual inspiration of this comes from some ukiyo-e monster pictures I saw and, originally, some Chinese sansui style paintings; I wasn’t reading XXX-Holic then.
Yet, I started reading the manga a little later and it's cover design influenced the process of simplification: I changed the curtains (that were originally planned as pure white only made visible thought the shadows on them and the dragonfly pattern) and I put a double line of on the edge of the frame.


05 diciembre, 2008



Hace tiempo que no actualizo… La verdad es que estoy dibujando bastante pero el trabajo está siendo particularmente intenso últimamente y no me deja mucho tiempo para digitalizar (cuando vuelvo a casa lo último que me apetece es pegarme al ordenador). De todos modos pronto subiré algunos bocetos y dibujos en sucio; además, estoy pendiente de terminar las tarjetas de Navidad de este año, aunque aún no sé si las subiré aquí.

Mientras tanto, aquí tienen un video oficial con cuya realización he colaborado como asistente. El auténtico autor es la asombrosa Vechelon, quien fue capaz de hacerlo casi de la nada en tan solo tres días (mantenerla despierta dos noches enteras fue también parte de mi colaboración =P).
Se trata de la presentación y vídeo promocional de la recientemente nacida Revista Atenea, en la que también colaboro como redactora, y que fue proyectado en la fiesta de presentación el pasado 18 de Noviembre.


Long time no update… I am actually drawing but job is being a bit stressing lately so I don’t have the time to digitalize my doings. However, I guess I will be posting some sketches soon and I’m looking forward finishing this year’s Christmas cards although I don’t know if I will be posting them.

On the meanwhile, here you have an official video I collaborated with as an assistant. The actual author is the amazing Vechelon,, who was able to make this out of almost nothing in only 3 days (keeping her awake for two whole nights was also part of my collaboration =P).
This is the presentation/promotional video of the new magazine Revista Atenea with which I collaborate as a writer, and it was showed at the magazine’s presentation party the last November 18th.

Una cadena de televisión se hizo eco del evento en su noticiario de la noche de ese mismo día y entrevistaron a nuestro subdirector. Lamentablemente el programa no está on-line y no se la puedo enlazar, pero el evento fue filmado y pronto estará disponible en la web oficial de la publicación.

Entre tanto aquí hay algunas reseñas sobre esta publicación:
- El País
- Yahoo
- Lo Marraco

The event was televised by a Spanish TV channel and they even interviewed our deputy director. Sadly the program is not online for me to show you but the whole thing was filmed by the magazine and it will soon be at Atenea’s main site.

Meanwhile, you can see some reviews on it here (Spanish only).
- El País
- Yahoo
- Lo Marraco