31 julio, 2009

Rowan Character Study

Hello everyone!

I’m afraid that my next fairy tale drawing will have to wait a little more bit. I have a few of them almost done but I haven’t had the time to finish them properly (if you are following the news you already know why). But I’m bringing you something else instead:

This is SacredBliss' character, Rowan; a modern day witch who gets involved into some really curious events. SB asked me for a sketch level character study of the character done from the description she gave me of Rowan’s main characteristics and attributes. Since SB was in the middle of an art-block I tried to make it as suggestive as I could.

Some comments you may find interesting:

* Face.
Rowan is described as immersed in a Celtic-like atmosphere but her physical constitution and features are not properly Celt (ethnotype), so I tried to portray the mixture a bit. I gave her firm factions, a slightly prominent chin and straight eyebrows to show her temper and determination. Her sharp eyes are to suggest a sharpest kind of sight. She has warm lips because deep down she’s a heartily person, but portrayed in a slightly sided smile to give away her sarcastic sense of humour. Her small nose, in contrast with her bone structure, is a typical Celtic feature. I was going to include some freckles on her checks at first but changed my mind after colouring her hair (it is unlikely to find such a dark shade of red with natural pale-freckled skins).

I wanted it kind of short and with a modern cut, so her modern origins would be made obvious in any circumstance.

*The mirror.
It tries to suggest a door and, so, it lacks of down frame. At first I thought about making it more gothic like, but I decided to keep it purely Celtic and fill it with Pictish knotwork (I took inspiration on the Book of Kells); I also emphasized its dangerous quality by putting some threshold guardians on it.
I wanted it to be green because it is a dual colour that often means transit (of ways, between good and evil, safe and danger …); in accordance to this, it is a colour related to nature (matching Rowan’s powers) and it’s a meaningful colour in the Celtic iconography. It is also a lovely colour for eerie glows, and that’s why the top frame and the bottom of the side ones are a bit lighter, suggesting it might begin to glow at any moment. It’s also filled with glittery ink (as well as the arrow head pendant and the dress), but you can see that in the screen.

*The sword in the mirror is a version of one of William Wallace’s. It’s not really a Celtic sword, but good enough to suggest heroic traits.

- Disclaimer & copyright:

Character and concept © SacredBliss
Art and desing © me