12 octubre, 2009

The Red Shoes

In September I took part in Virginia Cortina’s photobook project on Andersen’s tale The Red Shoes.

The Red Shoes by Virginia Cortina

It was amazing to work with such a creative and efficient people! Virginia is really talented as a photographer and as a director. The project came out lovely, scary and amazing -every detail meaning-, even getting a rare honor mention.
My duty was as a tale assistant, taking care of Karen’s makeup (I never thought that my drawing skills would be put into that use) and hair, and old lady’s lap model.
The Shoemaker is a pro dancer while the girl playing Karen just did a bit of dancing when she was a child (she did a big effort there).

Virginia, has not yet uploaded all the pics she’s planning to at the Internet, I’m going to put a few here, but you can see more of them and bigger in her photography blog or maybe her Deviantart gallery .

The Shomaker tempts Karen

A red as deep as blood’s

Maniac Dance

Maniac Dance 2

The book binding, fully handcrafted by Virginia, is also worth to see so I hope she post some pictures of it too at some point.


The Red Shoes belong to Hans Christian Andersen.
This pictures © Virginia Cortina, all rights reserved. Posted with permission.