26 diciembre, 2010

☽El pintor de la luna

¡Espero que estén teniendo unas Navidades maravillosas!

Este es uno de mis tres dibujos inspirados en el cuento escandinavo El pintor de la luna. Como cuento es precioso, pero lo que lo hace de verdad interesante es que, pese a la categoría en la que está enmarcado, tiene mucho más que ver la mitología que con los cuentos de hadas.

Posiblemente suba aquí los otros dos dibujos en un futuro cercano (uno del Sol original y el otro de la Luna original, retratados de acuerdo a esa hermosa visión del Kalevala según la cual la Luna está hecha de oro y el Sol de plata), pero quería que esta fuera mi última entrada del año.

El Sol conforta a la Luna manchada

--próximamente incorporaré una traducción del cuento, mientras tanto puede leerlo en inglés--

Hasta la próxima ocasión:
ღ Leticia

The moon painter ☽

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

This is one of my three drawings inspired in the lovely Scandinavian fairy tale The moon painter. It’s a beautiful story, very interesting also in the way it relates more to mythology than to fairy tales.

I might post the other two pictures in a near future (the original Sun and the other the original Moon, portrayed in that beautiful vision of the Kalevala of the Moon being made of gold and the Sun of silver), but I wanted this one to be my last post of the year.

The sun comforts the tainted moon

When the Lord God had created the whole world, He was not totally satisfied, for there was an insufficiency of light. In the daytime the sun pursued his course through the firmament, but when he sank at evening, when the evening glow faded into twilight, and all grew dark, thick darkness covered heaven and earth, until the morning redness took the dawn from the hand of the evening glow and heralded a new day. There was neither moonlight nor starlight, but darkness from sunset to sunrise.

15 diciembre, 2010

El toro de Zeus

Toro, serpiente, hiedra y vino

Dionisio, Dionysus or Diwonusojo (Dionysoio), the two times born. The one who walks though mists of the Invisible Place and, yet, sits on the place of the Fire that Warms on the high Olympus. Lord of the zoé, the irreducible life; life on its stronger state, which is also its crudest. God of or that enigmatic state where life is found in death and where life implies death, of that very special putrefaction called fermentation.

This is a quick illustration of one of my favourite gods of the Greek pantheon.

I am sure that the most of my readers have ever seen a Greek crater. If you have ever paid attention at their bottom, you can often find one of these two things: the head of a gorgon (as a remainder of mortality) or Dionysus on a boat (he is an infectious wandering god). But there’s a third thing you can find of which we had only a very few pieces left: the god’s eyes. Now, think of it: you are drinking while he is staring at you from the bottom of your own cup...
I draw Dionysus a lot, but I began to doodle this thinking of those eyes, whose stare I wanted to hold. I think that is why he came out slightly different from how I usually draw him (his lower maxilla is incredibly sharp…).

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

07 diciembre, 2010

Halloween pictures ✰

This is Virginia’s costume of this Halloween. She went as a classic horror movie heroine (and she looked gorgeous!).

We threw a little party with the theme of haunted house. She played the glamorous high society lady who just inherited a mansion with a terrible story and I played the white lady that appeared at it, leaving it to interpretation if the white lady was a haunting ghost or just an omen of a terrible danger.

I took several pictures of her in character, and these are some of them. The fixings to make them look ‘classic’ are all Virginia’s job.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia


Picture © me
Model, Virginia
Fixings, Virginia Cortina Photography

14 noviembre, 2010

❀ Bajo el techo verde I

I’m so busy with my studies and job right now that I think I neglected this blog too much. I guess it is like that all the time for me, but I really want to make this a beautiful sharing spot so things will keep coming on its own pace. People say that blogs should be updated almost daily, but I don’t agree, I don’t need the page views and, as a viewer, that would only keep me away from a carefull following of the artist's work.

Anyway, in spite of the hard work I am currently working on a few very time consuming illustration projects and I hope being able to share with you some of the early results on the following months. Also, I’ll be opening a little store on this blog with prints and stickers of my work as soon as I can guarantee a proper attention to anyone interested in buying.

The following painting is a texture sketch for one illustration for a story book of my own I’m working on in my bits of free time, it is called Bajo el techo verde (literally: under the green roof).

Vahlia reaches for the starry sky

I am not telling you what the story is about, but this is the moment when the main character, a girl named Vahlia, sees the sky for the first time and extends her hands up to it like if she could touch the night light. So I want this scene to hold a lot of my feelings about the sky (so, among other things, I has to be blue and sparkly).
The picture  for the book is nothing like this, but I had to toy with some different effects to find what I really wanted to do so the painting would look the way I needed. This came out in the while and I really like the way it looks.

Hope you like it too.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

18 agosto, 2010

Supernatural keychains ☆

I wanted to update with something before going on vacation (because I still have a lot of things but I'm too busy with my paper), so this is the keychain set I made as a present for the Supernatural cast attending to the convention I went a few months ago.

Jared Padaleki

He is such a nice guy! He makes you feel so welcomed when you are around him. Jared liked the keychain quite a lot (he was very surprised when my sister told him that I did the whole of it) and giggled shyly at the sight of the gigantic hamburger.

Jensen Ackles
Quite a distant man... He did not seem to be having much fun getting so much attention but laughed at his portrait, the “teh-hee” kind of laugh I never thought truly existed.

Jim Beaver
He is a really nice and caring man! The signing lines for him where always the longest because he dedicated a lot of time to each person.
Since I couldn’t decide on how to portray him (I almost went for the cowboy look) I decided on drawing him as Bobby as he has said several times how much he likes the character; Jim said I hit the bull’s eye on that, making me really happy.

Misha Collins
Misha seemed to like my keychain the most. We had an interesting conversation first and then he dedicated a while to my present, he concentrated so much in no missing any detail that made me blush. And he did get every detail and in-joke on it (even the yogurt!), and complimented me on my attention to detail.

Samantha Ferris
I didn’t know much about Sam then, but I love Ellen. She’s the only female character that stands on her own strenght, has her own space and weight on the show (almost every other female is a love interest or merely a pretty face). That’s why I drew her as Ellen.
After meeting her in person I know exactly what I would draw. She’s an impressive woman! And way more beautiful than what the cameras give away.
à Sam's twit about this keychain

These are the cut-outs of the pictures before laminating them:

And here you have the final result!

(evil flash...)

They came out better than I expected and I felt a bit sorry to gave them away after having them hanging on my own keychain for two days.

☆ Like them?
I won’t make anymore keychains of them (what is the point of making a present especially for someone if you re going to be selling duplicates of it?) but I might make resin stickers of them this year, so if you are interested make sure to tell me!

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

17 julio, 2010

๑ La novia rana

A little character study for my illustration work on of the Spanish fairy tale “La novia rana” (the frog bride).

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

12 julio, 2010

✒La iglesia enterrada

(The buried chuch)

This is something I drew last summer after visiting Skagen, Denmark.
It is a beautiful place. And it has the best seafood I have ever had outside of Spain (and that’s saying a lot of their seafood).

In Skagen I visited a buried church (Den tilsandende Kirke). Its bell tower is white and stands beautifully out of the dunes; I am sure that it must look beautiful in the full moon nights.
The thought of a buried chuck sounds eerie and charming to me. In Spain we have several sunken churches –some of them with their bell tower still standing out of the water- and there are lots of legends and sayings about them. Some of my favourite ones are about the bells tolling on their own (generally during the night) as some kind of omen, and the more rare ones about underwater processions on special dates that can be seen in the night thanks to the ghost lights carried by the mysterious pilgrims. This made me wonder about what kind of stories could be told about a buried church…

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

30 junio, 2010

✒ Making this look pretty

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed I’m fixing the blog’s looks.
I have wanted to do that for a while and the new blogger resources are helping a lot (thank you guys!). However, it is still far away for what I’m looking for (too cold…) and I have to make many adjustments in previous posts to match the new layout nicely, so expect more changes.

I am working in the bits of free time I have, so I can’t do anything really fast. During that time you might experience some inconveniences with the navigation, sorry about that in advance.
I'll love to hear your opinions about the changes so far if you have the time.


ღ Leticia

20 junio, 2010

Primrose and Azure

Hello everyone!

Some news: I have a few things to post on the following days if my paper leaves me enough time. Also, I will be changing the blog’s layout a bit (I’ve been wanting to that for a while now, but the new blogger options are going to be very helpful); thank you blogger!).

I am starting by posting this two sketches because otherwise Amber will have the very right to be mad at me since it’s been laying around my table for about six months without me being able to do something decent with it. I am a dirty sketcher, but at least I can show you the idea I was working with:

My on-line friend Amber Young designed a cool character based on me for her made up universe of White Skies, a chivalrous princess called Primrose that liked to disguise herself and go around the kingdom doing heroic deeds. I liked the concept a lot (how couldn’t I?), so I decided to draw a pic of her with Amber’s main character, Azure. As I began to sketch -starting with Primrose as wanted to experiment with her wing themed outfit- I was surprised to find that the drawing was coming out in an Utena like style. I guess it was a subconscious association.

(here is she)

I liked how she looked like, so I tried to draw Azure in that way too, but there is where I messed it. The lack of flesh that characterizes the Utena designs proved itself unsuitable (in my level of skill, of course) for the pose I was aiming to and I couldn’t get myself to finish it in a way I liked.
The idea was Azure (who is a skilled thief) trying to steal something from Primrose. Primrose might not realize having her money robbed (Azure is a pro after all), but I am certain that if Azure had set her eyes on Primrose, the princess must be in possession of something more interesting than golden coins. I remember from the first drafts of the White Skies stories that Amber lend me to read (it was called Kaleidoscope back then) that Azure likes valuable swords, so I designed a cool sword Azure might want and gave it to Primrose: the Prism Sword (wing themed as Prim’s outfit and colour related in a universe where the characters stand after colours). And Primrose will so notice if someone even touched her valuable dear heroic sword (because I would).

The pic was meant to show the instant on which a clueless Primrose instinctively reacts to someone touching her sword without really knowing what's going on: a surprised Azure that, after stealing her bag, went as far as to untie the belt holding the scabbard.

Me posting this is a kind of give up on finishing the drawing, but hope you like the idea anyway Amber!


12 mayo, 2010

El amigo de la muerte I

(so not the tale of the same title by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón)

I have had this sketch around for a while now, so I decided to play a bit with it in Photoshop. In spite of all evidence I’m not really fond of digital art (I can’t help but to think that you can’t put on the same league media that includes an “undo” function with media that not) but I cannot deny it is useful, so it is good to experiment on it from time to time.
It’s also a practice for semi-realistic baby expressions, which are hard to draw.
This drawing goes together with another one traditionally done that needs to be finished.

This drawing is on a tale from the East of Spain called El amigo de la muerte (literally: “The Death’s friend”).

… and she caressed him with her long dry fingers that cracked whenever she moved them. But the child never cried as he was used to it, and he smiled and laughed, and the Death was dazzled.

The tale says that there was a man of perfect justice, and it happened that the man was to be a father. He was very worried on how to make his child as honest and fair as he was. Asking around he found a very old and wise man who told him that children grew after their godparents, so the man decided to leave his house in order to find the fairest godparent possible for his child.

After some time travelling he reached a forest. The Devil, who had heard of his search, came to the

08 mayo, 2010


This year's birthday present to my dearest Virginia .

Virginia and The Doctor

My birthday present for her this year has been TIME (because it is the thing I’m lacking the most at the moment) so it was only natural that The Doctor made a cameo in the whole thing to take Virginia on an adventure.
I really wish I had more time to put on this  drawing because it’s been a lot of fun and I could not work out the details as much as I would have liked to (such as fitting a Dalek, which was planned in my main sketch). But she loved it the way it is and that is what really matters.

This has a little second part sketch waiting for some cleaning, so it may come eventually.

As a little trivia:
The formula at The Doctor’s rant is about the general relativity law.

Ah! And David Tennant’s mutant hair is awful to draw; it took me ages to decide how to make it...


This piece © Virginia , posted with permission.
Art © me
Doctor Who © their respective owners

09 abril, 2010


I was just doodling while reading about the metanarrative implied on the epistemological obstacles of modern science and their connection with the poetical structures in human mind and it came out so cute that I just had to colour it. And since it’s been ages since I haven’t done a proper PC colouring I spent more time than I should on the details.

And I love these guys, so it was a lovely job.

(because we all know is true)
((and I’d love to see this combo taking place))

And I couldn’t help but to make single shots of it:


(while drawing this I realized that Cas’ name and mine are a letter away from being the same in different order. I know is silly but I feel somehow proud…)

(front shot)

(back shot)

I am thinking of making a keychain out of this one (so tell me I you are interested).


(front shot)

(back shot)

I gave him the new hairstyle and the old hoodie (how I miss his cute self).

I am not entirely happy with this one. It lacks some more… "badassery" here; but I take it as a practice to the ones to come (because now I need to make a chibi Dean too, so I think I might make a dynamic pose set with the three of them so I can print them as stickers or keychains). It felt weird to give him a knive after the special mojo arc but, hey!, sharp things are still his signature weapon on posters.
The back shot was originally going to say “True Destiny”, but I decided to save that one for the revamp.


Art © me
Supernatural © their respective owners


My Little Pony

Hello everyone!

I have like a ton of folkloric related stuff to put in here, but somehow I don ot get myself to finish any of the pieces… And I don’t really want to put just the sketches. But I keep on drawing those things, all the time, also as a part of my researches, so they will come at some point.
I guess you will have to be patient with me; I am incredibly busy lately with my paper.

However, in the meantime you can enjoy other kind of things from me.

I was asked for some My Little Pony stuff.
I have quite a few of them around but I’ll have to look for them bit so you might get some random updates with old pony pics at some point. Today I’m showing you three of my ponies; the first two are part of a bunch of designs I did as a present for some of my friends in 2008. They are supposed to portray how my friends would be if they were ponies (aand it seems I hit the bull's eye with most of them). I put them on a bookmark shaped background with a blank profile –inspired on the profile included at the MLP toy’s boxes - which my friends got to fill as they liked.

* The first one was named Mushelmet and it belongs to my friend Julie.

It’s made stylized, flashing and fancy, with lots of complements, because that’s the way a pony for Julie must be. A kind of pony which must simply fit as Ponyville’s idol singer or something similar.
- References: this pony was designed looking after the Sweetheart Sister Ponies (year 7) and, maybe, a bit on the Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister ones (year 8) ones too: looong legs, small noses, symbol covering the leg (even though the kind of symbol has nothing to do with them and that I didn’t include the glitter), ear ornament, various complements, etc.
It could be said that the eyes are inspired by the Twinkle Eyed ponies of the year 5, but it would be more sincere to say that the cartoon pony Fizzy is the main responsible of it

* This second one was named Apple and it belongs to my friend Amber.

Probably one of the cutest I have ever drawn; my sister said it looked like an ice-cream.
- References: Inspired on the Sunday Best ponies (year 6) for symbol style (except that this one goes for curry), and the Playtime Baby Brother Ponies (year 7) for body style and accessories.

And a goodie for you!

Inspired on the former presents, this March I drew a new pony present for my friend Edu, who once suggested me that he would like to have a pony of his own… only that he wanted it to be a donkey! The thought was so cute that I couldn’t let it go to waste. It was hard thought, because all my sketeches on it came out so incredibly cute (donkeys are that cute) that they didn’t match my friends character at all. Yet, I think I found my way out of it nicely and the donkey looks a lot like him.
I am still waiting for the full donkey profile so it still lacks of name.

Just like my friend, this is a showman pony with, I am sure you ca ntell, a fancy for classics.
- References: The G3 body dimension was pretty useful here but I also looked after the Big Bother Ponies from ears 5 and 6 (quite a simple design but with heads slightly bigger than the regular ponies to the date, hairy hoof and a few accessories). Also the Pony Friends (year 5) and the New Pony Friends (year 6), for non-pony but related official merchandise.


Art © me
Character’s design © me
My Little Pony © Hasbro
My friends who inspired the ponies here © themselves


26 febrero, 2010

Tell me a story

One of my participations in Isabella Boudelaire’s lovely Tell me a Story project has been published already!

Don’t forget to check it here and to enjoy Isabella’s beautiful art.

You can also visit the offical site of the project.


30 enero, 2010

El Jinete de Carpas

(The Koi Carp Rider)

Hace tiempo que no pintaba algo así… Tiene una pequeña historia detrás, pero la dejo a la imaginación.


¡Ah! Me han pedido que haga algunas impresiones para venta de este dibujo. Si está interesado, por favor contacte conmigo indicándome el tipo de impresión que querría para que pueda ajustar los precios a lo más barato posible.


Ah! I’ve been asked to make some prints of this (probably postcard like). If you are interested, please contact telling me what kind of print you would like so I can fix it to get the cheapest pack possible.


08 enero, 2010

Grifo 2 || Gryphon 2


Segunda parte del boceto anterior (aunque están dibujados en el mismo papel). Resulta sorprendente que pertenezcan al mismo relieve, pero ese contraste es en parte la razón que me impulsó a dibujarlos.


Second part of the previous sketch (even though they are drawn on the same paper). It is very surprising that they belong to the same relief, but that contrast is part of the reason I decided to sketch them.

Este grifo me resultó muy interesante por lo poco convencional de sus elementos y el cómo esto contrasta con el grifo de la derecha.
Frente al otro grifo, éste resulta más tosco y, de alguna manera, reptiliano. La melena es sustituida por escamas o plumas esquematizadas y la cara es mucho más nudosa, con el pico curvo… más como un buitre que un águila; la cola queda vuelta hacia abajo y sus alas son más estrechas. El conjunto da una impresión mucho más agresiva que majestuosa, y la mirada, ligeramente vuelta hacia el espectador, resulta amenazadora.

I found this gryphon to be interesting because of how unusual it is characterized and the contrast that makes with the gryphon at the right.
Opposite to the first gryphon, this one looks less elaborated and somehow reptilian. The mane is changed into scales or figurate feathers and the face is kind of knotty, with a curved beak more alike to vultures than to eagle; the tail is turned down and the wings are narrower. The whole gives an aggressive feelings the opposes to the majesty of the first one, and its glare, slightly turned towards the observer, looks menacing.