18 agosto, 2010

Supernatural keychains ☆

I wanted to update with something before going on vacation (because I still have a lot of things but I'm too busy with my paper), so this is the keychain set I made as a present for the Supernatural cast attending to the convention I went a few months ago.

Jared Padaleki

He is such a nice guy! He makes you feel so welcomed when you are around him. Jared liked the keychain quite a lot (he was very surprised when my sister told him that I did the whole of it) and giggled shyly at the sight of the gigantic hamburger.

Jensen Ackles
Quite a distant man... He did not seem to be having much fun getting so much attention but laughed at his portrait, the “teh-hee” kind of laugh I never thought truly existed.

Jim Beaver
He is a really nice and caring man! The signing lines for him where always the longest because he dedicated a lot of time to each person.
Since I couldn’t decide on how to portray him (I almost went for the cowboy look) I decided on drawing him as Bobby as he has said several times how much he likes the character; Jim said I hit the bull’s eye on that, making me really happy.

Misha Collins
Misha seemed to like my keychain the most. We had an interesting conversation first and then he dedicated a while to my present, he concentrated so much in no missing any detail that made me blush. And he did get every detail and in-joke on it (even the yogurt!), and complimented me on my attention to detail.

Samantha Ferris
I didn’t know much about Sam then, but I love Ellen. She’s the only female character that stands on her own strenght, has her own space and weight on the show (almost every other female is a love interest or merely a pretty face). That’s why I drew her as Ellen.
After meeting her in person I know exactly what I would draw. She’s an impressive woman! And way more beautiful than what the cameras give away.
à Sam's twit about this keychain

These are the cut-outs of the pictures before laminating them:

And here you have the final result!

(evil flash...)

They came out better than I expected and I felt a bit sorry to gave them away after having them hanging on my own keychain for two days.

☆ Like them?
I won’t make anymore keychains of them (what is the point of making a present especially for someone if you re going to be selling duplicates of it?) but I might make resin stickers of them this year, so if you are interested make sure to tell me!

Until next time,

ღ Leticia