26 diciembre, 2010

☽El pintor de la luna

¡Espero que estén teniendo unas Navidades maravillosas!

Este es uno de mis tres dibujos inspirados en el cuento escandinavo El pintor de la luna. Como cuento es precioso, pero lo que lo hace de verdad interesante es que, pese a la categoría en la que está enmarcado, tiene mucho más que ver la mitología que con los cuentos de hadas.

Posiblemente suba aquí los otros dos dibujos en un futuro cercano (uno del Sol original y el otro de la Luna original, retratados de acuerdo a esa hermosa visión del Kalevala según la cual la Luna está hecha de oro y el Sol de plata), pero quería que esta fuera mi última entrada del año.

El Sol conforta a la Luna manchada

--próximamente incorporaré una traducción del cuento, mientras tanto puede leerlo en inglés--

Hasta la próxima ocasión:
ღ Leticia

The moon painter ☽

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

This is one of my three drawings inspired in the lovely Scandinavian fairy tale The moon painter. It’s a beautiful story, very interesting also in the way it relates more to mythology than to fairy tales.

I might post the other two pictures in a near future (the original Sun and the other the original Moon, portrayed in that beautiful vision of the Kalevala of the Moon being made of gold and the Sun of silver), but I wanted this one to be my last post of the year.

The sun comforts the tainted moon

When the Lord God had created the whole world, He was not totally satisfied, for there was an insufficiency of light. In the daytime the sun pursued his course through the firmament, but when he sank at evening, when the evening glow faded into twilight, and all grew dark, thick darkness covered heaven and earth, until the morning redness took the dawn from the hand of the evening glow and heralded a new day. There was neither moonlight nor starlight, but darkness from sunset to sunrise.

15 diciembre, 2010

El toro de Zeus

Toro, serpiente, hiedra y vino

Dionisio, Dionysus or Diwonusojo (Dionysoio), the two times born. The one who walks though mists of the Invisible Place and, yet, sits on the place of the Fire that Warms on the high Olympus. Lord of the zoé, the irreducible life; life on its stronger state, which is also its crudest. God of or that enigmatic state where life is found in death and where life implies death, of that very special putrefaction called fermentation.

This is a quick illustration of one of my favourite gods of the Greek pantheon.

I am sure that the most of my readers have ever seen a Greek crater. If you have ever paid attention at their bottom, you can often find one of these two things: the head of a gorgon (as a remainder of mortality) or Dionysus on a boat (he is an infectious wandering god). But there’s a third thing you can find of which we had only a very few pieces left: the god’s eyes. Now, think of it: you are drinking while he is staring at you from the bottom of your own cup...
I draw Dionysus a lot, but I began to doodle this thinking of those eyes, whose stare I wanted to hold. I think that is why he came out slightly different from how I usually draw him (his lower maxilla is incredibly sharp…).

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

07 diciembre, 2010

Halloween pictures ✰

This is Virginia’s costume of this Halloween. She went as a classic horror movie heroine (and she looked gorgeous!).

We threw a little party with the theme of haunted house. She played the glamorous high society lady who just inherited a mansion with a terrible story and I played the white lady that appeared at it, leaving it to interpretation if the white lady was a haunting ghost or just an omen of a terrible danger.

I took several pictures of her in character, and these are some of them. The fixings to make them look ‘classic’ are all Virginia’s job.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia


Picture © me
Model, Virginia
Fixings, Virginia Cortina Photography