23 febrero, 2011

SMSing 

Many people post sketches of their work, doodles they do during class or similar things.
I m extremely prolific in those terms, but I hardly ever feel comfortable showing that kind of work around. I am going to make a little effort…

I am not a technified person. I do pretty good with technology and I have a thing for finding out how things work but I don’t like the thought of technical devices mediating my experiences. I’m more the face to face, touch, kind of person. That’s why, many times, instead of sending SMSs I draw my message on a piece of paper or a post it, I take a picture of it with my cell phone and I send it instead.

I thought you might enjoy two of my most recent drawings:

I drew this one to cheer up someone who I knew was having a hard time at that moment (I photoshoped out the text). It is me sending a big big hug.

A few days ago, Virginia had a dream involving a Winged Monkey. It wasn’t a nice dream and, as I take kind of personally anything related to the Wicked Witch of the West (having played her while I was at school), I thought I could give the whole thing a nice turn. I might make a vector out of it.

Until next time,

 My Little Pony II

Hello everyone!

Long time I didn’t update so I thought I should give you some old ponies here for your enjoyment since I know many of my watchers like them.
Well they are not that old, but are from before I owned a tablet and just before my old scanner died and it sounds old now.
For these pictures I did the lineart on paper and all the colouring with the mouse, which I use with my right hand even when I am lefty; so don’t be too harsh with me here.

These ones are part of the set of designs I did on some of my on-line friends: they are supposed to portray how my friends would be if they were ponies

* Jong and Young detail:

These little ones are, Jong and Young, are the twin babies of my friend.
 There were drawn after the Newborn and Newborn Twins ponies (years 5-7) and the Drink&Wet baby ponies (check the diaper!).

* Unnamed pony (sadly the owner never filled the pony profile):

This cute one was designed as a manager one of those cute pony boutiques (the ones from back then) and, knowing the portrayed, it’s more than likely that it would be a costume boutique. That’s why she has a wizard hat. The finished piece has a lot of costume accessories at her hoofs that I didn’t include here.
This pony was designed after the earthy ponies of the year 3 (cute as the year’s 1 and 2 but growing more stylized); simple body and eyes, smooth design. A classic. I went “wild about the symbol though, making it completely different from those generations’ cannon ones.

* This pony was named Kairu and it belongs to my friend Kyle:

For him I imagined a pony that, even when he would be as nice and caring as a pony should be, would hold a typical rebel aesthetique. And Kyle filled a profile for a very badass pony.
Designed after the Big Bother Ponies (years 5 and 6); quite a simple design too, but with heads slightly bigger than the regular ponies to the date, hairy hoof and a few accessories mostly related to their jobs.

I have new ponies drawn, I will try to update some of them soon, but I really want to update something else before.

Until next time,

Art © me
Character’s design © me
My Little Pony © Hasbro
My friends who inspired the ponies here © themselves