24 diciembre, 2012

Adeste fideles.

Felix Dies Nativitatis

This is a  little Christmas post to share such a dear date with all of you who let my smallness move you and give part of your time to this blog. Many blessings to you and your loved ones.

this is my favourite villancico, delightfully sang by Enya

Adeste, fideles, laeti, triumphantes,
Venite, venite in Bethlehem:
Natum videte Regem Angelorum:

Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.

En grege relicto, humiles ad cunas,
vocatis pastores approperant.
Et nos ovanti gradu festinemus.

Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.

Aeterni Parentis splendorem aeternum,
Velatum sub carne videbimus
Delum Infantem, pannis involutum.

Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.

Pro nobis egenum et foeno cubamtem,
Piis foveamus amplexibus:
Sic nos amantem quis nos redamaret?

Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.

This is a close picture of my family´s Christmas tree, which is very dear to us.

maybe the stars have fallen on the ground as golden dew in disguise
and that is why the skies are so silent

I love our Christmas tree. Every year my family takes a whole day to decorate our house and we do the tree together, listening and singing Christmas carols. For us it is not a mere ornament, we are all very aware of the meaning of the tree for the festivities and we make it full, all gold and red.
When I was smaller I used to lie under its branches for hours, and watch its shine from the inside. It feels like a deep inside-universe of jewel fruits and warm glow in this dark season. I wanted to share a little of that feeling with this picture.

This is the angel of our glass Nativity scene.

this angel looks like silence sounds

You may know that in some countries there is the tradition, stronger than the one of the Christmas tree, of setting Nativity scenes during all the liturgical period celebrating the born of Jesus Christ. For that reason, this is a very important part of the Christmas decorations. We bought this Nativity scene some years ago because I saw this angel lost on the shelf of a store. When I asked about it I learned that is was part of a beautiful whole, so we took it home.
I will probably show you the rest of it in the coming days, but tonight I want to share with you the angel only.

I think only Sartre, in his Bariona, has ever thought of what tonight might have meant for the angels. And it gives a whole different light to how the angels came to us and how they told us what was going on.

God bless, dearly,
ღ Leticia

20 diciembre, 2012

... there was a closed door.

I didn’t want to let the day go by without making a little homage to the 200 anniversary of the publishing of the Grimm Brothers’ very first book of folk tales. I need to thank them the grave remainder on the existence of monsters and the hope that, in some exceptional occasions, they can be defeated.

It took me by surprise and I could not draw anything for the occasion but I so want to be part of it, so I had to improvise.

and that's what the old man told me when I asked about the lantern

This is the beginning of one of my own tales inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ work.

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

13 diciembre, 2012

Impressions III

Today was a beautiful day.
I washed and mended my teddy bear´s clothes, bought a present for someone dear, got myself two wonderful sketch books with a very unusual type of paper, and had a tea with cake in the most beautiful teashop I have ever seen.
tea of violet petals with brown sugar
last star in the sky

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

11 diciembre, 2012

A song in a letter 

Something lovely happened today.

I got an email from an admirer (that person self-described as such) of my Little Prince pictures. This person linked me this song, saying that the lyrics reminded him/her of what I wrote in The Little Prince, the rose garden and in The Little Prince, a sky with no stars.

stars fall, birds sleep
I think of you
I hum to myself a song for you
how far I've come away from you
to find the everlasting
teardrops softly float in the universe
I lost my way
but I remember...

the way you call me
the way you surround me
the way you breath
when I look up to the sky
only you
just only you
now I can see the way to you
so I'll return to where I belong

spring comes, roses die
I dream of you
whisper me a sweet lullaby you used to sing
how many dawns and dusks have gone by
enough to know what I found
deep sighs sadly ring out the universe
I lost my way
but I remember...

the way you smile
the way you cry
just the way you are

the way you kiss me
the way you touch me
the way you look into my eyes so gently

the way you call me
the way you surround me
the way you breath
when I look up to the sky
only you
just only you
now I can see the way to you
so I'll return to where I belong

I remember...

I am not very fond of the singer’s voice and neither of the official video, but I have to say that I really liked the lyrics. They even have some indirect quoting of the book, like the “you, only you”, which is from the “you, only you, will have stars that can laugh!” that the little prince says to the pilot before departing forever.
And it is a lovely coincidence that Chouchou means butterfly, which makes me think of what the rose said before the little prince departed forever (?).

I am posting this as a thank you to this lovely person who went through my intrincate writing and made me smile widely today.

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

03 diciembre, 2012

Impressions II

This October I was very lucky and had the chance to have a practical lecture on Greek vases in a an important museum (our awesome professor arranged it). I had the chance to touch original pieces, examine carefully the painting and learn how to manipulate them.
Oh, and one of my observations on one of them was documented (not a big deal, but it was exciting).
They allowed me to take some pictures with my phone of part of the material when we were done:

my favourite one of these was the tiny alabaster one that looks somehow Egyptian
it seemed to glow!

the one at the top left is a water game

the beautiful attic black-glazed kylix has a "bell" inside. nobody knows why

this is a white-ground lekythos with a funerary scene
very valuable and extremely fragile

That was a really interesting day. And I had a big train-adventure on my way there!

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

02 diciembre, 2012

Tempus Adventus

Today we start the period of Advent, the Adventus Redemptoris.

gold is certainly something amazing
it acknowledges the most imperceptible spark of light and turns it into glow

I have been wanting to draw my own Advent wreath for a while without success, I have the sketch done but I never managed to get the time I will need to perform it on date. I am afraid this year is not going to be the exception,  even though I want to draw some things during my Christmas break; so let this be my first candle of Avent, named the candle of Expectation, Hope or Prophecy. Christmas is my favourite time of the year...

This wonderful glass Christmas tree is a picture I took with my cellphone in Mdina, Malta.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

22 noviembre, 2012

Origami star 

This is my first origami star!
I did it the other (late) night when I was taking a break from my studying. It is done with a piece of the first page of my new green notebook.

the little one is fading through an empty house of stars

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

19 noviembre, 2012

 Impressions

With this post I inaugurate a series of some everyday pictures taken with my phone.

They don’t aim to be good or interesting, I even lack of the resources right now to manage them properly and my laptop's browser is terrible for fixing colours (so I may have to edit some of them after I doublecheck in some other pc). Their only intention is to share with you fascinating details of beauty I find around me, specially now that I lack of the time to draw them.

my star pendant

earl grey with milk and sunlight

how lovely you are

Until next time,
ღ Leticia
Lacrimae rerum

08 octubre, 2012

La senda


Dibujé esto muy tarde la otra noche. Junta en él tres de mis cuentos, pero simplemente me apetecía dibujarlo.

I drew this really late the other night. It brings together  three of my tales, but I just wanted to doodle it.

Vahlia has attracted The Taker´s attention...
Me intriga y fascina el concepto de vagar por un bosque enorme y oscuro... Casi todos mis cuentos preferidos suele incluir un episodio así. Los bosques están llenos de cosas extrañas que desafían nuestro sentido de la proporción.

Es aún mejor si estás siguiendo una luz misteriosa por una senda que no se puede ver.

Y tengo que reconocer que tengo un no-sé-qué con teteras que resultan prodigiosas o en las que habitan algos prodigiosos.
I am thrilled by the concept of wandering through a huge dark forest... Almost all my favourite stories involve an episode like that. Forests are always full of strange things that defy or sense of proportion.

It is even better if you are following a mysterious light through path that can’t be seen.

And I have to admit that I have a thing for teapots that turn out to be prodigious or which happen to be inhabited by prodigious things.


La princesa Luz del Sol y la niebla negra


Un boceto que me vino a la cabeza mientras me tomaba algo en un pub desde el que se veía el castillo.

A doodle that came to me while I was having a pint in a pub from which I could see the castle.
la princesa Luz del Sol y la niebla negra

… Y la princesa Luz del Sol, poco a poco, fue olvidando la esperanza. Y cuando una princesa olvida la esperanza, si no muere, sólo pueden suceder dos cosas: que se convierta en un hada o que se convierta en una bruja.
… And the princess Luz del Sol, little by little, began to forget hope. And when a princess forgets hope, if she doesn’t die, only two things can happen: that she turns into a faery or that she turns into a witch.

ღ Leticia

25 septiembre, 2012

Colourful clothes pegs

I am posting this in spite of my little graphic management resources at the moment because it is an absolute waste if I don't show these little guys before the use (maybe) damages them. And I am so using them!

This is the goodbye present I got from Virginia before leaving:

that's my clothes pegs´ bag under them
She painted all my wooden clothes pegs so, even the smaller details of my house, can be colourful. Aren't they beautiful?

aren't they beautiful?
I know these are not the best pictures (it is a Blackberry + Photoshop Elements work + dull screen work) but even here their careful and detailed work shows clearly.
 It gives a whole new feeling to peg the clothes clothes, clip papers or close packages doing it with them.
Take care,

ღ Leticia

15 septiembre, 2012

Sharing adventures

I recently moved to a new place, a beautiful place that is far away from the people who care if I live or die. I have done this in order to walk further into the way in which I’m seeking for the extraordinary… Which has become a darker path lately.
The first thing I did when I came was trying to make my house into a home: a full fridge, a clean and warm room, cases full of amazing books… and symbols of everyone I love dearly.
I have always though that the hard side of living on your own is to come back to an empty house by the end of the day, every day. I am very independent (kind of territorial could be said) but I have never wanted that for me. Home is where your heart belongs and you can’t belong to an empty room.

But I have someone to come back to when I come home!

His name is Toffee.
He likes hugs, sitting on my lap while I work and listening to stories.
And has the most attentive stare I have ever seen on a toy! 
My sister, who came with me to help me move in, went to the Built a Bear Workshop and made this little guy as a surprise for me!
She knows I am deeply fond of teddy bears*. They are the best toy in which to pour your heart. And Toffee, filled with my sister’s love, is going to be my companion in this adventure.
It is a tremendous thing of life that we never leave anything behind; we become part of everything that ever touches us. And we are responsible of what we do about that belonging.
And I am lucky because I’m living in a lovely place and I belong to truly precious people of which Toffee will remind me every day.
Because, sometimes, you need to leave the side of your loved ones and travel far away to learn beautiful and amazing things, to become them, so you can tell to them the next time you get together; it can't be helped, adventures are just woth being had if you can share them with someone precious.

Take care,

ღ Leticia

PS: Oh, my sister also bought me a pot of little sunny yellow roses. I am very fond of plants and I am looking forward making this one bloom its best so there’s always something alive in my house even when I am out. I will try to take a picture of it to show you.
* To the date, I own four perfect teddy bears (I'm very picky about how they should look and feel like).

11 agosto, 2012

Featured in The Daily #Bokeh :)

Two of my photographs ( ... In a bottle and ... In a bottle IV ) have been featured by The Daily #Bokeh the last 9th.

Thank you to the diary creator Renata Ramsini for the attention!

ღ Leticia

09 agosto, 2012

Earth songs

In my facebook account I have a folder with this name. 
I use it for posting spontaneous beautiful pictures of nature. Going through my computer files, two days ago, I found the folder with the same name in which I keep the pictures I take of the plants I grow.

Some of them are really beautiful, so I might post some of them from time to time in the future if I have the time.

For now, here you have two with my colourful hyathinths of two years ago:

Until next time!
God bless,

ღ Leticia

... In a bottle IV

A bokeh edition in a whole different style.

(this is one of those cases in which there is no elegant way to fix watermak)

God bless,
ღ Leticia

... In a bottle III

A little experiment with bokeh editing.
Excuse me if the execution is a little clumsy, the bottle is so shinny it is a little beyond my skill as a photographer and I am new at working with the bokeh.

detail of the content
(curiously, this is the most accurate picture colour wise)

God bless,
ღ Leticia

... In a bottle II

here you can see the star signature I mentioned to you

a detail of the starry bottom of the bottle

Here you can get an idea of how small the bottle is.
Something I really liked from the bottle is that it is Coca-Cola shaped, and that has a taste of wonder for the ones who, like me, were born in the 80s.

God bless,
ღ Leticia

…In a bottle

I made this the last March-April for someone who asked me for a protective charm.
I think that nothing can hold our deepest fragility and tenderness better than a truly loving heart, so I made this as an image of my heart sent -like a message- in a bottle.

Closed bottles are fascinating. They can hold so many things: potions, venoms, genies, drinks, medicines, messages, perfumes, oils, breath… All brought, maybe, from distant places. A closed bottle contains, suspended, a bit of a space, of a place, brought from somewhere else. That’s why once you open a bottle you can’t truly ever close it again, making them the best place to store wishes and dreams.
I think that is why it is somehow mysterious to send messages in bottles, all the more because their destination is always uncertain. Like a death letter… And I like death letters. They prove that you are not taking a real step anywhere when you can take it back, when you have a turn back or an exit door from it.

This bottle is like a promise. It is filled with symbols of all the beautiful things in the world that move me to love.

In the end I couldn’t give this to that person. Luckily, I was able to open it and fix the content to its new mission and I am very happy with the result. It is tiny, very detailed and glows beautifully in the light!

30 julio, 2012



Este es el precioso regalo que me hizo Virginia en Julio de 2011
Tenía pendiente enseñaros una foto, pero se me ha ido pasando... 

This is the beautiful present that I got from Virginia the past July (2011).

 I have wanted to share a picture with you for a while now, but I kept forgetting...

su nombre es Clara | her name is Clara

Es un huevo ¡con falda! Y, como no podía faltar, una coqueta flor en la cabeza. Además, tiene unas pestañas chulísimas.  

El caso es que le regale a Virginia un libro para hacer muñecos de ganchillo (que se le dan muy bien ese tipo de cosas) y ella me regaló éste, el primero que hizo, como agradecimiento. 

Así que le he hecho un marco bonito a la foto y ¡aquí lo tenéis!

Con Dios:
ღ Leticia
It is an egg... With a skirt! And a fabulous flower on her head, of course. Plus, she has the most amazing eyelashes.

The thing is that I gave Virginia a book on how to make dolls with crochet hook (she is very skilled at that kind of stuff) and she thank it to me by giving me the one I liked the most, which was the first one she made.

So I make a pretty frame for it and here you have it!

God bless,
ღ Leticia

18 julio, 2012

The little prince: ephemeral

I thought about this the other night that I could not sleep because there was a monster under my bed.

The beauty of a happy ending is that it is absolutely needless.

The world, home of all the horrors that can be imagined, can go on without our happiness. The beauty of a

16 julio, 2012

Stella maris


Hoy es Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

Se la llama la stella maris, la estrella de los mares. Y a mí me encantan las estrellas…

Today is Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

She is called the stella maris, the star of the seas. And I like stars so much…

escapulario de la Virgen del Carmen | scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

15 julio, 2012



Mañana hará trece años que mi abuelo enfermó viendo pasar a la Virgen del Carmen en procesión.

Mi abuela quedó viuda.

Y ella ha dejado que la vida se cierre sobre sí atrapándola dentro.

Tomorrow it will be thirteen years that my grandfather felt ill while watching Our Lady of Mount Carmel pass in procession.

My grandmother was widowed.

And she has let life close upon herself trapping her inside.
Pequeñas inmensidades

Y ahora que llega al final del camino, llena sus horas sentándose en el sillón que él solía ocupar, dejando a la mirada vagar sin rumbo por la habitación.
Y, por algún motivo, sus ojos siempre terminan descansando en esa esquina de la moldura del techo, la única redondeada de la habitación. Y recuerda que esa la puso él, mi abuelo. Recuerda que ella le hizo notar que se había equivocado, que las demás eran angulares.
Pero la dejaron así.

Y ahora esa imperfección estética, testimonio de que él estuvo allí alguna vez, esa casual tontería, se ha convertido en la percha del vuelo de sus ojos.
And now that she is reaching the end of the road, she fills her hours sat on the sofa in which he used to sit letting her eyes wander aimlessly through the room.
And for some reason her eyes always end resting on that corner of the ceiling’s moulding, the only one in the room that is round. And she remembers that he, my grandfather, put it there. She remembers that she pointed out at him that he had got it worng as all the other ones in the room were angular.
But they left it that way.

And today that aesthetic imperfection, proof that one day he was there, that csual silliness, has become the perch of her flight of her eyes.

12 julio, 2012

Virginia's pictures

Hello everyone!

Just a little post to share with you Virginia's beautiful entries for the National Geographic Traveler contest.

 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ The sleeping Buddha


 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Nutmeg lady

Don't miss them!

God bless,
ღ Leticia

25 junio, 2012

The details

Some details about my previous post Rostro as I was requested to post them when the pic came out.

The sketch:

Eye detail
(I'm kind of proud of their depth)

Until next time.

God bless,
ღ Leticia 


I painted this as an excuse of what is written there. I wrote that because I am being written by it.

It can be translated as:

And I will let sorrow
be the one to fill the spaces that were opened by love
and carve a new face.


And it will be a face like the one of a sphinx,
drawn with enigmas and taken root in darkness,
like a star
burning white in the emptiness.

And deepen my beauty
to the place
of the secret.

Until next time.
God bless,
 ღ Leticia


Pinté esto como excusa para lo que está ahí escrito. Escribí eso porque es lo que me está escribiendo a mí.

Hasta la próxima.
Con Dios:
ღ Leticia

31 mayo, 2012


Dear everyone,

This is Federico, my new housemate.

Hello everyone!

He is cloudy-blue eyed, adventurous and energetic, and has the loveliest chocolate-vanilla/cappuccino coat.

He loves sleeping, exploring, toilet paper rolls and having his chin scratched. He dislikes loud noises, getting trapped and early mornings.

(Isn't theis the cutest tail ever?)

 I’m sorry the pictures are so low quality, but he never stops moving unless when asleep and the pictures were taken with my smartphone… And I really wanted to share this!

Until next time.
God bless,
ღ Leticia

20 mayo, 2012

The little prince: a sky with no stars

We don’t think much about the rose once the little prince leaves her behind…

We get distracted by all the things he does then, but what about her?

El Principito: un cielo sin estrellas

No nos paramos a pensar mucho en la rosa cuando el principito la deja atrás…

Nos distraen todas las cosas que hace él a continuación, pero ¿y ella?

15 mayo, 2012

My sketch framed

Do you remember this sketch?

The poor thing went through a little trouble lately.
Last month I send it to be framed for it to be a special present for someone but some things happened and I decided to destroy it. My family, however, took charge of it without telling me and put it in this beautiful handmade frame. They brought it back home today:

They make me feel so treasured…

God bless,
ღ Leticia

14 mayo, 2012

El Principito: el jardín ❁

[Nota: Destacado en el Fan Art Friday #2 en The Little Prince Official. ¡Muchas gracias!]

Llevo trabajando en esta pintura en mis trocitos de tiempo libre desde mediados de Enero. Ha sido la pintura en la que ha sido testigo de la vivencia de una herida muy profunda en el corazón.

 Pero sucedió que el principito, habiendo caminado mucho tiempo a través de arena, rocas y nieve, descubrió por fin una ruta. Y todas las rutas van hacia los hombres (…) Era un jardín florido de rosas (…) El principito las miró. Todas se parecían a su flor. (…)Y se sintió muy desgraciado. Su flor le había contado que era la única de su especie en el universo. Y he aquí que había cinco mil, todas parecidas, ¡en un solo jardín! (…) "Me creía poseedor de una flor única, y sólo tengo una rosa ordinaria (…) no hacen de mí ciertamente un gran príncipe...". Y, tendido en la hierba, lloró.
- A. de Saint- Exupèry, El Principito, Capítulo XX.

Me entusiasma El Principito, y siempre he querido re-ilustrar la historia de acuerdo a los ecos que resuenan en mí con su lectura. Me vino el boceto de esta primera pieza con un estremecedor momento de la nueva serie:

(Perdidos en un laberinto de rosas)
Zorro: ¡Esas rosas tienen espinas!
Principito: Es su modo de poder defenderse.
Principito: ¡¿Qué quieres esta vez?!
Serpiente: ¿Yo? Quería sencillamente decirte que admiraras las magníficas rosas que tienes alrededor. ¿Sabes muchacho que, si lo deseases, todas podrían ser tuyas?
Rosas: (susurros)
Principito: Pero yo… Pero yo ya tengo mi rosa…
Serpiente: ¡Pero sólo es una! Es muy poco… ¿no? Aquí las hay a millares.
Principito: … ¡Son magníficas! ¡Miles de rosas!
Zorro: Sí… ¡Pero tu rosa es única! Ella te enseñó Principito, y tú también a ella.
- El Principito, episodio 8.

La serie me parece encantadora, aunque a veces parece que se les olvida el libro… Resulta flojita por cosas como la simplificación de la Serpiente en villano o que Zorro sea casi siempre un mero personaje cómico; pero tiene elementos muy agudos como la inclusión de las Ideas Negras (yo uso ese mismo nombre para referirme a los pensamientos que me empujan a la desesperanza). De lo que llevo visto, esta secuencia es con diferencia lo mejor. Paré el episodio y la volví a ver tres veces antes de seguir…

Por eso quise empezar por éste dibujo. Refiere al conflicto esencial del libro, que se explicita en los capítulos XX y XXI.

The Little Prince, the rose garden ❁

[Note: Featured in Fan Art Friday #2 at The Little Prince Official. Thank you!]

I have been working in this piece in my bits of free time since January, and it has been the piece in which I worked through while my heart was deeply wounded and changed.

But it happened that after walking for a long time through sand, and rocks, and snow, the little prince at last came upon a road. And all roads lead to the abodes of men. (…) He was standing before a garden, all abloom with roses. (…) The little prince gazed at them. They all looked like his flower. (…) And he was overcome with sadness. His flower had told him that she was the only one of her kind in all the universe. And here were five thousand of them, all alike, in one single garden! (…)"I thought that I was rich, with a flower that was unique in all the world; and all I had was a common rose (…) That doesn't make me a very great prince . . .". And he lay down in the grass and cried.
- A. de Saint- Exupèry, The Little Prince, Chapter XX.

I love The Little Prince, and I have always wanted to re-illustrate the story according to the echoes it awakes in me.
This sketch came to me while watching an amazing moment of the new series:
(roughly translated)

Fox: These roses have thorns!
Little prince: It is their way of defending themselves.
Little prince: What do you want this time?!
Snake: Me? I simply want to invite you to admire these magnificent roses around you. Do you know boy that, if you wished it, all of them could be yours?
Roses: (whispers)
Little prince: But I… But I already have my rose.
Snake: But it is only one! It is too little… isn’t it? Here you have thousands of them.
Little prince: … They are wonderful! Thousands of roses! (…)
Fox: Yes… But your rose is unique! She taught you little prince, and you taught her.

-The little prince, episode 8.

The new series are lovely. Weak in some ways, like the simplification of the Snake in a villain or the change of character of the Fox into the comic relief; I feel it forgets about the book sometimes… It has, however, some interesting things, like the inclusion of the Dark Thoughts (I give that same name to the thoughts that push me into hopelessness). This sequence is the best thing from all I have seen so far. It had me stopping the recording and watching it over for three times before going on with the episode.

That is why I wanted to start with this scene. It refers to the essential conflict of the book, which is showed during chapters XX and XXI.

30 abril, 2012

Flying fish sketch

Just a little doodle I did this last march while in the Caribbean (I know it is not accurate).

I love these guys… They are like sea faeries. The Greeks called them Swallow Fish, and swallows are one of my favourite things.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia