11 agosto, 2012

Featured in The Daily #Bokeh :)

Two of my photographs ( ... In a bottle and ... In a bottle IV ) have been featured by The Daily #Bokeh the last 9th.

Thank you to the diary creator Renata Ramsini for the attention!

ღ Leticia

09 agosto, 2012

Earth songs

In my facebook account I have a folder with this name. 
I use it for posting spontaneous beautiful pictures of nature. Going through my computer files, two days ago, I found the folder with the same name in which I keep the pictures I take of the plants I grow.

Some of them are really beautiful, so I might post some of them from time to time in the future if I have the time.

For now, here you have two with my colourful hyathinths of two years ago:

Until next time!
God bless,

ღ Leticia

... In a bottle IV

A bokeh edition in a whole different style.

(this is one of those cases in which there is no elegant way to fix watermak)

God bless,
ღ Leticia

... In a bottle III

A little experiment with bokeh editing.
Excuse me if the execution is a little clumsy, the bottle is so shinny it is a little beyond my skill as a photographer and I am new at working with the bokeh.

detail of the content
(curiously, this is the most accurate picture colour wise)

God bless,
ღ Leticia

... In a bottle II

here you can see the star signature I mentioned to you

a detail of the starry bottom of the bottle

Here you can get an idea of how small the bottle is.
Something I really liked from the bottle is that it is Coca-Cola shaped, and that has a taste of wonder for the ones who, like me, were born in the 80s.

God bless,
ღ Leticia

…In a bottle

I made this the last March-April for someone who asked me for a protective charm.
I think that nothing can hold our deepest fragility and tenderness better than a truly loving heart, so I made this as an image of my heart sent -like a message- in a bottle.

Closed bottles are fascinating. They can hold so many things: potions, venoms, genies, drinks, medicines, messages, perfumes, oils, breath… All brought, maybe, from distant places. A closed bottle contains, suspended, a bit of a space, of a place, brought from somewhere else. That’s why once you open a bottle you can’t truly ever close it again, making them the best place to store wishes and dreams.
I think that is why it is somehow mysterious to send messages in bottles, all the more because their destination is always uncertain. Like a death letter… And I like death letters. They prove that you are not taking a real step anywhere when you can take it back, when you have a turn back or an exit door from it.

This bottle is like a promise. It is filled with symbols of all the beautiful things in the world that move me to love.

In the end I couldn’t give this to that person. Luckily, I was able to open it and fix the content to its new mission and I am very happy with the result. It is tiny, very detailed and glows beautifully in the light!