25 septiembre, 2012

Colourful clothes pegs

I am posting this in spite of my little graphic management resources at the moment because it is an absolute waste if I don't show these little guys before the use (maybe) damages them. And I am so using them!

This is the goodbye present I got from Virginia before leaving:

that's my clothes pegs´ bag under them
She painted all my wooden clothes pegs so, even the smaller details of my house, can be colourful. Aren't they beautiful?

aren't they beautiful?
I know these are not the best pictures (it is a Blackberry + Photoshop Elements work + dull screen work) but even here their careful and detailed work shows clearly.
 It gives a whole new feeling to peg the clothes clothes, clip papers or close packages doing it with them.
Take care,

ღ Leticia

15 septiembre, 2012

Sharing adventures

I recently moved to a new place, a beautiful place that is far away from the people who care if I live or die. I have done this in order to walk further into the way in which I’m seeking for the extraordinary… Which has become a darker path lately.
The first thing I did when I came was trying to make my house into a home: a full fridge, a clean and warm room, cases full of amazing books… and symbols of everyone I love dearly.
I have always though that the hard side of living on your own is to come back to an empty house by the end of the day, every day. I am very independent (kind of territorial could be said) but I have never wanted that for me. Home is where your heart belongs and you can’t belong to an empty room.

But I have someone to come back to when I come home!

His name is Toffee.
He likes hugs, sitting on my lap while I work and listening to stories.
And has the most attentive stare I have ever seen on a toy! 
My sister, who came with me to help me move in, went to the Built a Bear Workshop and made this little guy as a surprise for me!
She knows I am deeply fond of teddy bears*. They are the best toy in which to pour your heart. And Toffee, filled with my sister’s love, is going to be my companion in this adventure.
It is a tremendous thing of life that we never leave anything behind; we become part of everything that ever touches us. And we are responsible of what we do about that belonging.
And I am lucky because I’m living in a lovely place and I belong to truly precious people of which Toffee will remind me every day.
Because, sometimes, you need to leave the side of your loved ones and travel far away to learn beautiful and amazing things, to become them, so you can tell to them the next time you get together; it can't be helped, adventures are just woth being had if you can share them with someone precious.

Take care,

ღ Leticia

PS: Oh, my sister also bought me a pot of little sunny yellow roses. I am very fond of plants and I am looking forward making this one bloom its best so there’s always something alive in my house even when I am out. I will try to take a picture of it to show you.
* To the date, I own four perfect teddy bears (I'm very picky about how they should look and feel like).