18 noviembre, 2013

i wouldn't go in there

Do you remember I mentioned some of my work was to be used on a National Geographic's TV special on Asian mysteries and that I would share a few screencaps of it? Here you go

title card
yūrei (幽霊)
(this is my version of it, the one at the show is slightly different)


It is really interesting, I recommed it.

Until next time,

☄ Leticia

07 noviembre, 2013

I see fire

This is a fast sketch I did today in an attempt to get “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack) out of my system. It has been playing non-stop in my head since I listened at it for the first time yesterday, and it has kept me from thinking about anything else but on how beautiful it is.

Durin’s lion

I have the personal headcanon that Fili is the one singing that song.
It is not a song for Thorin. It is too… quiet and thoughtful for Kili. And it is too young and tender in its awe about the pain and the beauty that reach beyond us to belong to any of the other dwarves, yet fierce with loyalty and devotion. I find this song to be subtle, like a narration of unspoken thoughts and feelings after which is worth to make life choices but that remain unspoken.

14 octubre, 2013

She is my cherry pie!

I am his cherry pie!
Here come the mentioned doodles of our Supernatural boys (and Jeff). I hope you enjoy them.

Cas, Sam and Dean walking into Night Vale after an alarmed call from Carlos after the whole Strex Corp incident

it was fun to draw this one

Hi, this is angel Jeff, he lives with Jossie and likes th sweaters she makes him. He is not hoping to become famous like the Tractor Angel, but he is still happy to see you
 Many blessings!

Stex Corp
I mean,
☆ Leticia

29 septiembre, 2013

That sigil

If you have been linked here you already know what this is about.

 what Sam is holding is a creepy drawing of an eye
with some whirly things coming out of it and three dots under one of the sides.
I hope you are enjoying the reading!
☆ Leticia

12 septiembre, 2013

LAMPS logo

Now you can see the logo I designed for Edinburgh's LAMPS (Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society) up on most of their online stuff!


I will try to get some pics of the things done with it to post it here.

☆ Leticia

08 junio, 2013

Impressions VI: too fondly

Since I moved into this city I keep on finding stars in unexpected places. I am collecting them all in a small bottle.
But something funny related to this happened the other day.
It was sunny, and I was wandering around with no purpose with two of my friends (two of my archavengers) enjoying the sunset when I saw a little golden star on the ground. I picked it up and we went on walking, telling my friends about how curiously often I found them around. We had only taken a few steps when we found another bigger one, golden as well. My friend picked it up for me and, as he did it, he realised there was another just a little beyond. I got closer to pick it up and found two more. The three of us went on like this for some minutes, finding more and more stars as we picked them up. When we could not catch anymore I emptied a pack of tissues and we put them all in the small plastic envelope so I could carry them home to my bottle.

look how they shine for you
The surprising thing is that the morning after I went, as usual, to one of my favourite tea rooms to enjoy some tea with cake while doing my readings and, when I sat down and turned to leave my things, I found this big red one sitting on the cushion by the folder with my papers. I took this picture to show my friends.
This is not a very smart edition of the picture, there are a lot of people doing things like this lately, but do I like how those look so I tried to do something alike with this little one.
Of course I took it home too.
Until next time,

☆ Leticia

little edit:
My cat-friend suggested that, since I am picking all these stray stars, maybe we should seed the city with them to make sure nobody else runs out of them ✰ ✰ ✰

30 mayo, 2013

i thought i heard you say "have some faith"...

I found this while looking in some of my old illustration folders.
This is the study for an old project I never finished.
... all you are asked to do is to be unafraid

The first time I read the Nibelungenlied I found myself dragged into a reflection about loyalty and vulnerability.

My thought was that you can’t be truly loyal to someone without being truly vulnerable to that person, and that the heroes are precisely the ones who are strong in such openness. Dragon blood baths are only special effects around what really takes place there. Of course dragons are terribly dangerous, yet those dragons are not but magnificent beasts and they can only kill the hero, and maybe there are things worse than dying. What will really defeat the hero, what will break their heart open, will be quiet, subtle and fragile: a linden tree leaf.
I believe that the quality of being truly broken only by something so feeble is the real mark of the hero: the hero is only proven in the act of being broken. But this brokenness opens a new order of reality, inhabited by a deeper and much more incomprehensible hope.
Take care,
ღ Leticia

15 mayo, 2013

Tally marks

I put this on my Facebook, but I completely forgot to share with you that the past April 23rd I was walking around like this.
i wear tally marks, tally marks are cool

I was not being extremely clever up there, but if there's no one standing around looking impressed, what's the point in having you all?

Don't blink, I mean, until next time,
☆ Leticia

11 mayo, 2013

Supernatural: Mjölnir has really high (hair) standards

And more notebook doodles!
If you have watched the 8th season of Supernatural you know what I am talking about in here.

this should be an OTP

I am praying to Chuck that he secretly kept it and that at some point in the next season he opens Baby’s trunk and dramatically raises it in the air frying all the enemies around and leaving Dean and Cas (and hopefully Crowley) absolutely impressed. And I know I am not alone here!
C’mon he is the Winchester that normally handles the cool gory ligthsaber weapon.

Until next time,
☆ Leticia
little edit:
Someone in my Deviantart account just commented "SAM WINCHES-THOR!!!". I like it.
... And allow me to insist in my point about the hair.

Need for attention

Another one of my Supernatural-centric notebook doodles
wait, are those my tie and my trench coat?
I drew this after a vivid image of it I got all of a sudden. I wonder if it is possible that some real life angels are feeling a little bit neglected at the moment...
Honestly speaking, I would find this heartbreakingly lovely.
Take care,
☆ Leticia

03 mayo, 2013

Supernatural: beautiful

One of my notebook doodles.
I am posting some pics of my sketches and WIPs on Facebook, and my friends particularly liked this one.
I have been back in the Supernatural kick lately. I really, really like the show, even though I don’t think it is as good as it was up until season 6 anymore. Part of the reason is that the writers have not been doing a good job with Castiel (and don’t get me started with season 8 Sammy…), I think they are having trouble dealing with something as big as an angel without messing with him. So I feel the need of reminding him that he is simply beautiful.

a kiss on the tip of the nose

I find it a little frustrating that not even the fans seem to give much space to the possibility of Cas growing in grace and innocence, which I believe contradicts his fierce loyalty (God approved) to his main angelic command of treasuring and cherishing his beloved father’s dear creation. It is also weird how the angels are progressively portrayed as deprived of that quality (a little hinted back with Samadriel though...).
Nevertheless, Castiel may be a mess now, but he is still so beautiful. And I love ties, they are the most teasing male fashion accessory.
Take care,
☆ Leticia

14 abril, 2013

Impressions V

Yesterday I went with my dear friends to a wonderful tea shop.
I had wanted to go there for a while now since it is the place from where all the unexpected tea blends around my city come from. This place smells like a close drawer full of stories.
Here I am sharing with you the tea I chose: the Blue Lady
it has a serene fruity scent and a passionate flavour, like a long expected sunny day 
It is a Ceylan black, blended with petals of safflower, blue corn flowers and yellow sunflowers.
I also tried my friends' tea choices (we always try eachother's food, they are that amazing) and they all were beautiful. Not to mention the freshmade fruit scones with cream and marmalade.
I can't wait to go back!
I am going to take this postt as a chance to share something I should have posted a while ago as a thank you to the person who gave it to me. This is a picture of the first rose I got from the sun light rose bush I got from my sister when I moved in my house.
it has that  shade oflight yellow that seems to glow under soft light

I take the chance to mention that I have been drawing again out of pure delight. Maybe some of the sketechs will make it here.
Take care,
ღ Leticia

06 abril, 2013

You, you alone will have stars as no one else has them...

The Little Prince is turning 70 and, even if I am still deprived of all my drawing tools and in the middle of writing some essays, I didn’t wanted to let it go without posting something. It is a very special book to me.

a vast expanse of darkness
To avoid misunderstandings, allow me to point out that this is not a quote from the book but from something I wrote. There is a quote of the book in the background though, one that always make me tremble:

“All men have stars, but they are not the same things for different people ... But all these stars are silent.
You-You alone will have stars as no one else has them...
In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars will be laughing when you look at the sky at night.
You, only you, will have stars that can laugh! And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me... You will always be my friend. You will want to laugh with me. And you will sometimes open your window, so, for that pleasure...
It will be as if, in place of the stars, I had given you a great number of little bells that knew how to laugh”

My Little Prince entries in this blog:
The  rose garden.
A sky with no starts.
A song in a letter.

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

08 febrero, 2013

There are so many things I still don't know about Kant...

It happened now. I just don't know how to feel about it...

06 febrero, 2013


I have this friend who has very elaborate reasons to be terrified at bananas. Last Monday was her birthday and we were having a conversation in which she was telling us why she finds very displeasing the touch of certain metals, after a while listening I heard myself saying:
‘Oh my God! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were attacked by a cyborg-banana?’
… Ok, maybe “amazing” should not be the word, but the look of her face was priceless.
Anyway, we all laughed so much (even her, when she recovered from the shock) that it was decided that I had to draw cyborg-bananas. And this is what I drew that night while we all were doing the pub quiz of the week.

you know your friends are amazing when there’s a shared logic behind drawing things like this

Cyborg-bananas was part of our team name that night.

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

05 febrero, 2013

Impressions IV (Fantasía)

One of my favourite places in the world is a certain toy store.

Before leaving home this September I visited them and found that they were preparing something in the basement, so when I came back for Christmas y went to the store and asked the owners (who are really nice people and love their job) if their basement was open already.
I was taken downstairs to a cosy little room where a lot of costume materials seemed to be charmingly stored, then the bright clothes cramped on a hanger were moved aside a little and I was asked to get through them. I pushed my way in and found myself in a dark room. I waited for a moment in perfect darkness and an enchanting music began to play, following the music, a tree began to glow in the middle of the room, revealing corners filled with all sort of amazing objects, doors, passages and mysterious shadowy places.
I am not going to tell you what was there (I don’t want to spoil the surprise if you ever have the chance to visit the place), but I took pictures with my phone of some details which I will be sharing and this and a couple of upcoming posts.

a table set for a party by a mysterious host

surface and depth
I really like this place and it enchants my heart every time in a way that kind of soothes it.
It echoes the amazing skill we are all born with, but that  we often lose with time, of living through open questions, of embracing a shadow that is the condition of possibility for awe, which is where the existential seriousness of playfulness relies. “Grown-ups” often take this for childishness, or confuse playfulness with messing things up, but “grown-ups never understand anything by themselves and it is rather tedious for children to have to explain things to them time and again”.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia
P.S: This is what I was listening at while adjusting these pictures.

08 enero, 2013

My Little Pony IV

This is the pony I made for my friend Elyse.

She loves water for all the reasons I find it alien, so her pony had to be a sea pony. And it had to be full of shinny and colourful things because… well, because it is Elyse, and because we share the liking for glittery stuff.
I see this pony as an underwater treasure hunter, who might or might not work with the people on the surface, sometimes recovering lost treasures and sometimes just keeping them for herself. But it is up to Elyse who she is.

For the design, I took inspiration on the Fancy Mermaid Ponies (year 10) more than on the Sea Ponies themselves… And then I made her more hippocampus-like. The body follows a G4-like proportion but it is not pearly. The eyes come from the Twinkle Eyed ponies of the year 5 but, again, it would be more sincere to say that they come from Fizzy (plus her powers over bubbles suit a water theme very well). The multicoloured mane, which is unusual in my “ponifications”, comes from the colours in which Elyse herself likes to dye her hair. Her cutie mark is inspired in the G1 Sparkler (and, can’t be helped, the FiM Rarity). The makeup echoes the one in the G3 variants.

Oh! And the shell of the necklace have air inside, which allows it to be used as a sign with the surface.

And this is the pony profile filled by Elyse: 

Owner: Elyse
Pony name: Míriel (in Tolkien's Quenya)
Birthday: January 10th
Favourite colour: Silver
Favourite flower: Pancratium Zeylanicum, known as ‘Sea Daffodil’ or ‘Rain Flower’
Favourite thing to do: Get into mischief

Until next time,
ღ Leticia
Art © me
Character’s design © me
My Little Pony © Hasbro
My friends who inspire the ponies here © themselves

06 enero, 2013

Noche de prodigios ☆

I tried to post this yesterday, but for some reason blogger would not let me upload the pictures. So I am posting now what I wrote last night:

Tomorrow is the Epiphany.
In my homeland it is then and not in Christmas when we exchange the Nativity presents, which are brought to us by the Magi in the same way they brought presents to the new born Jesus. Tonight is when the presents are wrapped and placed under the tree or the Nativity scene by your shoes (we put our best pair of shoes for the Magi to know where to place the presents).

I loved tonight when I was little.
I couldn't wait for it to pass and see the presents and eat roscón (the typical sweet) with a mug of hot chocolate together with all my family; but at the same time I didn't wanted it to finish because something amazing was going on. Tonigh wonderful things are to be given to you for no reason at all, you had done nothing to deserve it aside of being part of the meaning of it -by being good- and the ones giving the presents are meant to remain hidden, so you could never pay them back; I wanted to savour that atmosphere of exception and anticipation as much as possible. I guess that is why I love to unwrap my presents slowly.
Unwrapping a present is like to move through unlayers of its beauty. A wrapped present is beautiful already, it is beautiful regardless the content: it is given for free and carefully chosen with love, the paper is normally pretty and nice to look at and feel with your hands (moreover when the giver was the one to wrap it) and it veils a content though for you: it could be anything, and I love that.

I think that the Christmas presents are the purest meaning of "gifting". They are given to you not to celebrate yourself but to celebrate that you are loved by the one whose birthday is.

I also didn’t wanted tonight to finish because tomorrow is the last day of the Nativity holidays, and I never want that to finish (my birthday can wait!). I miss the Christmas lights the rest of the year...

Tomorrow we will wake up early, light some sparklers and go down the stairs with them lighting the way to see what the Magi have left after visiting our house. I have always loved that first look into the room: all kind of packages in colourful and glittery wrappings for everyone we loved by our beautiful sparkly three, under with the soft morning sunlight; the sweet anticipation of what could be inside of them, knowing that they are all presents of love…
I always remember that time my grandmother told me that once, as a child, she got an orange as a present. And she sounded so happy explaining me how sweet was it!

These pictures are from the glass nativity scene I mentioned in the post before,. It protrays the Magi, the ones who listen at the stars, arriving from far away to the Holy Family’s presence.

God bless, dearly,
ღ Leticia