08 febrero, 2013

There are so many things I still don't know about Kant...

It happened now. I just don't know how to feel about it...

06 febrero, 2013


I have this friend who has very elaborate reasons to be terrified at bananas. Last Monday was her birthday and we were having a conversation in which she was telling us why she finds very displeasing the touch of certain metals, after a while listening I heard myself saying:
‘Oh my God! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were attacked by a cyborg-banana?’
… Ok, maybe “amazing” should not be the word, but the look of her face was priceless.
Anyway, we all laughed so much (even her, when she recovered from the shock) that it was decided that I had to draw cyborg-bananas. And this is what I drew that night while we all were doing the pub quiz of the week.

you know your friends are amazing when there’s a shared logic behind drawing things like this

Cyborg-bananas was part of our team name that night.

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

05 febrero, 2013

Impressions IV (Fantasía)

One of my favourite places in the world is a certain toy store.

Before leaving home this September I visited them and found that they were preparing something in the basement, so when I came back for Christmas y went to the store and asked the owners (who are really nice people and love their job) if their basement was open already.
I was taken downstairs to a cosy little room where a lot of costume materials seemed to be charmingly stored, then the bright clothes cramped on a hanger were moved aside a little and I was asked to get through them. I pushed my way in and found myself in a dark room. I waited for a moment in perfect darkness and an enchanting music began to play, following the music, a tree began to glow in the middle of the room, revealing corners filled with all sort of amazing objects, doors, passages and mysterious shadowy places.
I am not going to tell you what was there (I don’t want to spoil the surprise if you ever have the chance to visit the place), but I took pictures with my phone of some details which I will be sharing and this and a couple of upcoming posts.

a table set for a party by a mysterious host

surface and depth
I really like this place and it enchants my heart every time in a way that kind of soothes it.
It echoes the amazing skill we are all born with, but that  we often lose with time, of living through open questions, of embracing a shadow that is the condition of possibility for awe, which is where the existential seriousness of playfulness relies. “Grown-ups” often take this for childishness, or confuse playfulness with messing things up, but “grown-ups never understand anything by themselves and it is rather tedious for children to have to explain things to them time and again”.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia
P.S: This is what I was listening at while adjusting these pictures.