08 junio, 2013

Impressions VI: too fondly

Since I moved into this city I keep on finding stars in unexpected places. I am collecting them all in a small bottle.
But something funny related to this happened the other day.
It was sunny, and I was wandering around with no purpose with two of my friends (two of my archavengers) enjoying the sunset when I saw a little golden star on the ground. I picked it up and we went on walking, telling my friends about how curiously often I found them around. We had only taken a few steps when we found another bigger one, golden as well. My friend picked it up for me and, as he did it, he realised there was another just a little beyond. I got closer to pick it up and found two more. The three of us went on like this for some minutes, finding more and more stars as we picked them up. When we could not catch anymore I emptied a pack of tissues and we put them all in the small plastic envelope so I could carry them home to my bottle.

look how they shine for you
The surprising thing is that the morning after I went, as usual, to one of my favourite tea rooms to enjoy some tea with cake while doing my readings and, when I sat down and turned to leave my things, I found this big red one sitting on the cushion by the folder with my papers. I took this picture to show my friends.
This is not a very smart edition of the picture, there are a lot of people doing things like this lately, but do I like how those look so I tried to do something alike with this little one.
Of course I took it home too.
Until next time,

☆ Leticia

little edit:
My cat-friend suggested that, since I am picking all these stray stars, maybe we should seed the city with them to make sure nobody else runs out of them ✰ ✰ ✰