07 noviembre, 2013

I see fire

This is a fast sketch I did today in an attempt to get “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack) out of my system. It has been playing non-stop in my head since I listened at it for the first time yesterday, and it has kept me from thinking about anything else but on how beautiful it is.

Durin’s lion

I have the personal headcanon that Fili is the one singing that song.
It is not a song for Thorin. It is too… quiet and thoughtful for Kili. And it is too young and tender in its awe about the pain and the beauty that reach beyond us to belong to any of the other dwarves, yet fierce with loyalty and devotion. I find this song to be subtle, like a narration of unspoken thoughts and feelings after which is worth to make life choices but that remain unspoken.
The approach the movie takes on Fili turns him into that kind of character for me. Despite his youth, lack of experience and an obvious enthusiasm for adventure and fun that is not very different from Kili’s, Fili keeps himself together in a way that makes him a subtle character compared to his relatives. I believe that the reason behind it is that he knows that if anything happens to Thorin (which is not unlikely given the perils in their way) it is up to him to fulfil the quest and claim a lost legacy, which he has never seen himself. I am certain that he is aware and understands that weight on his shoulder. That is why, I think, he tends to keep himself a step behind the main action -unless there is something that needs to get done-,
generally quiet, but always paying attention. He acts as Thorin’s right hand and makes decissions without attracting much attention and, if he shares in any way Kili’s need to prove himself to Thorin, he does not let it show. Whenever he speaks he only says reasonable things.
He obviously cares deeply. And I find that throws an interesting light on how fierce his battle gear suggest he is (even when we can only see Fili fight properly twice in the whole movie... and he literally roars before attacking in one), he carries weapons everywhere! And they are all close-range type.
For all this I really think this song suits him. He is the prince of the story, after all. I really can picture it as a song that pours from Fili experiencing all these things he knew with a whole new and unexpected depth ("Now I see fire") after the events that are to take place in the next movie.

I hope you like it even when I did it in a rush and it is my first attempt ever to draw Fili. Now I am seriously tempted to attempt a finished version of this in which I can properly get into all the knotwork of his outfit...

Many blessings,
☆ Leticia

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